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Carbon Fiber Sporting Goods

12 bike rim

12 bike rim

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Product name
12 bike rim
Size 700C
Rim shape U shape
Carbon fiber,front 2 rear 5 bearing
Quantity (pairs)
Lead time (days)

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We are a company specializing in the production and sale of carbon fiber bicycle rims and 12 bike rim. Providing OEM and ODM services, we have advanced production equipment and technical teams to ensure that our product quality and performance reach world-leading levels.

Our carbon fiber bicycle rims are precision manufactured and processed from high-quality carbon fiber materials. They are lightweight, strong, impact and abrasion resistant. They can effectively increase the speed and performance of a bicycle, providing riders with a smoother riding experience. Go and experience it. Our carbon fiber bicycle wheels incorporate advanced design concepts and manufacturing processes. They have the characteristics of light weight, high rigidity, and durability, providing cyclists with a more stable and comfortable riding experience.

Our products are widely used in various types of bicycles such as mountain bikes, road bikes, and racing bikes, and are well received by cycling enthusiasts and professional athletes. We also export to a wide range of countries, including Cook Islands,Antarctica,United Arab Emirates,Jersey,Wallis and Futuna countries, Oceania,Africa,Europe,Asia and other countries and regions, and are recognized and favored by foreign markets.

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