Warranty for Cycling

Five year warranty

All products we sell in our store are in good quality and under strict quality test before shipment. We will try our best to avoid any quality problem.

We promise warranty for the rim quality in 36 months since the shipping date from 2024(for the hub and spoke on the wheel,we follow the manufactuer's warranty policy),we will replace it free of charge if defective part was found in 2 months. You will only need to pay the shipping cost if the defects found after 2 months and within 36 months. 

This warranty is non-transferable and valid to the original purchaser of the product only.When you claim the warranty,please provide the picture of the defect rim and its serial No on the rim,we will reply within two working days.

The following improper use will not effect the warranty:

1 Crashes and accidents(another crash replacement program appliable).

2 Misuse (off-road riding, jumping, trick riding, Cyclocross, etc).

3 Modification of wheels or Improper assembly

4 Tire pressure exceeding 140psi..

5 Normal wear and tear.

6 Improper follow-up maintenance or maintenance by an unauthorized technician.

7 Installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for, or not compatible with the wheelset as sold.

8 Damage or deterioration on the surface finish or appearance which has no effect on the function.

9 Damages caused by natural disaster.

This warranty does not cover:

1 Normal wear items (bearings, skewers, spokes etc).

2 Surface finishes and cosmetic treatments (anodizing, decals, etc).

3 All other bicycle components.

4 Consequential or incidental damages (where applicable).

Warning: If you do not follow these guidelines the warranty will be not valid.

1 Use brake pads for carbon rims only. Change brake pads when wear is indicated.

2 Use high pressure rim tape for clincher wheels.

3 Clean rim surface and brake pads before you use your wheels.

4 Exceed the maximum tire inflation pressure recommended. Road: 130psi; MTB: 65psi.


one year crash replacement

Crash replacement in addition to the legal warranty.

Carbon wheels are incredibly strong and resilient, which meet the extraordinary requirements of performance orientated cycling, but it is not invincible, there are situations even our wheels can not handle: A high-speed crash, or a heavy bounce on the rocks,ran too low pressure on demanding terrain,  you may have compromised the rim.The Crash Replacement is developed for exactly those cases.

This service can be engaged in case of a broken wheel, which can't be used anymore due to a self-inflicted accident or crash.Bola reserve the rights to replace the damaged wheel with an equal alternative-wheel. Bola offers a special discount of 5% on the initial amount for an equal or comparable replacement wheel or 10% discount for rim only.

· The offer is valid once only for the original owner one years from the date of purchase.

· The carbon wheel picture and its serial no picture have to be sent back to Bola. 

· The damage has to affect the functionality of the wheel. (optical damage is excluded).

· There is no claim, as Bola assumes ownership of the broken wheel.

· Costs for conversion, freight and duty are not incurred by Bola.

· The Crash Replacement does not replace the warranty issues of the respective country.


· Damage caused by incorrect assembly.

· Damage caused by incorrect repair, respectively by use of improper parts.

· Wrong intended use, for example Cross Country wheels in Downhill bikes.

· Use of wrong braking pads.

· Normal abrasion and waste (for example through braking).

· Products on which the serial number has been removed.

· Damage caused by transport.

· Damages which we assume have been caused intentionally.

· Products which have been purchased throughout a sponsoring activity.