What are the advantages of tubeless tires?

Tubeless tires are  driven under the tire without a hose .

Compared to tires with tubeless tubeless tires without hose at low pressure drive more comfortable and they have more puncture protection. About the rolling resistance different statements are made. The total weight (tire 300g plus tubeless valve 10g plus sealant 20g) is a bit heavier than with folding tire (215g) plus hose (75g). With a light front tire with 175g but there would be a total of 120g difference.

On all our wheels, the spoke holes in the rim base are sealed with a 15mm wide black monoaxial rim tape (double glued and about 6g per impeller). We have the best experience.

All of our wheels are wheeled with tubeless tires. However, we still have no real advantages with tubeless tires on a racing bike. Rolling resistance, weight, price and grip are not significantly better compared to tires with a hose. 

At the MTB this is different, but the road bike with up to 8bar pressure outweigh the disadvantages. The industry promises much that has not been clearly measured in any test. Among other things, the breakdown safety is no advantage, because a hose with milk is just as safe as tubeless tires with milk.

In the last three years, we've noticed that many tubeless drivers switch back to the standard clincher with hose because they're fed up. There were problems during inflation, sealing, breakdowns, leaking sealing milk, leaking valve seats and bursting tires in the car.

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