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Oligey 18k Genuine Carbon Padel Racket with Rough Surface For Intermediate even Professional Players

Oligey 18k Genuine Carbon Padel Racket with Rough Surface For Intermediate even Professional Players

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Genuine Carbon Fiber:We have been making the carbon bike rim more than ten years,if you know carbon bike wheel,you can know the carbon fiber harsh level.We use the same brand material to keep the genuine carbon fiber characteristic for its aerodynamic,accuracy and touch etc.The Frame tube and face cover is 100% carbon fiber.

Dual Mold:The frame tube is wrapped and molded by the individual process then laminated with the core and face cover.It's dual and seperate molding workmanship which secure its both part in perfect performance.

Precise Carbon Tube:The frame is made of a bi-directional carbon tube,but the tube section is crucial for the accuracy and balance stability,we apply the extra mold and fixture to secure the inner shape,reinforcement in the tubular of the racket’s throat, providing greater rigidity and offering extra firmness when can check their inside structure on the above video.

Peculiar Core Compound:The core strengthens the frame stability and optimizes the surface energy transfer from racquet to ball without fatigue.In this point,we tried and tested our special formula compound for the core with the professional player in two years,successfully work out the best hybrid and workmanship to guarantee its recovery with the carbon fiber tube and face together,which can challenge the most big brand EVA limit.

Weight Monitor:The professional player is sensitive on the carbon padel racket quality nuance,it oblige the strict control with the production line.Except the formula and workmanship,we also arm with weight monitor system for every process to track and control the discrepancy by every gauge

Durable:The embossed surface is decorated with water decal and covered by the paint,which is good to the wear resistance for your long term use.

Low trial cost:The word can't decorate the real quality,only the physical practice can deliver its performance and feeling to you.At this favor,we will offer big discount for the trial sample to reduce your cost concerns and risk.


genuine carbon fiber Tube only


18K genuine carbon fiber with resin


Confidential,but neither foam nor EVA






1,Grip with plastic cover

2,End Cap

3,Wrist Cord





Surface:  Embossed rough


Intermediate even Professional

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