What is the rider's weight limit

Our carbon wheels provide enough stiffness and stability to allow us to approve a max. system weight (rider + bike + equipment) of 120kg.The rim itself has to absorb the load and especially the heat that is generated by the friction between the brake pad and the brake surface when the brakes are applied.The heavier the system weight the higher the heat generation.The maximum system weight for our wheels is recommended below:



  • 90 kg for 38mm rim height

  • 95 kg for 50mm rim height

  • 100 kg for 60 / 80mm rim height

Full carbon

  • 100 kg for 35 / 38mm rim height

  • 105 kg for 45 / 50mm rim height

  • 110 kg for 55 / 60mm rim height

  • 115 kg for 65 / 75 / 88 / 120mm rim height

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