aerodynamics, stability, feedback, lightweight, and road feel on the carbon wheelset

aerodynamics, stability, feedback, lightweight, and road feel on the carbon wheelset

Divide the characteristics of carbon wheelset into five dimensions: aerodynamics, stability, feedback, lightweight, and road feel. Among them, aerodynamics, stability, and lightweight are clear at a glance. So what are feedback and road feel? Bola carbon testing places great emphasis on feedback from carbon  bike wheel, because the beauty of road vehicles lies in the feedback they provide to rider. But feedback is different from rigidity. If the higher the rigidity, the better the feedback, then the integrated design of the wheelset is the performance king,but it is not true.The reason is that cyclists are not machines,and equipment is never the harder the better.To put it simply, a very hard wheelset will make you stand for 10 seconds,but an appropriate feedback wheelset can make you stand for 1 minute.Is the road feel comfortable? Not entirely.If compared,you will find that some wheelsets are also comfortable but give a "loose" feeling,and such wheelsets can cause panic on bumpy roads downhill.Due to tubeless ready tires, the comfort of the wheel set has been greatly improved,but it cannot completely improve the road feel.

Which of these five characteristics is easiest to achieve?You may not believe it is lightweight,as long as you are willing to sacrifice other features,that carbon bike wheelset can be made very light.Biker often leave messages saying that customs made wheelset only weighs 12xx grams,as if the wheelset is only light.Of course,Bola did not say that lightweight is not good,but lightweight cannot exist alone.Climbing wheels need to be lightweight,providing good feedback.
If ranked from a perspective that has a greater impact on cycling,aerodynamics, stability, and feedback must be in the top three, but who comes first and who comes second depends on the usage scenario.The speed of leveling and downhill driving clearly ranks first in terms of aerodynamics. If riding a bike on a windy day, it is obviously stable and ranks first. If you want to win sprints and slopes, feedback is more important.
Some cyclist may say, I just need to look good on the leisure bike. In fact, if it's just a casual ride and you don't want to experience the exhilarating sensation that explodes to the limit, then the most important thing about the wheelset is the road feel (comfort). After all, only when riding at a certain speed can aerodynamics be effective, and only when riding to one's own limit can feedback be obvious, but the road feel will always follow you as long as you ride the bike. Bola strongly recommends that leisure riders choose wheelsets with an inner width of 23mm, which can expand the tires wider and provide free comfort without increasing weight or rolling resistance.
Some rider say that feedback is mystical, but it can indeed have an impact. Some biker say that one minute slope test is meaningless, but in fact, this is to reflect the feedback from the team. Feedback determines how much power you can withstand, and many people feel that one minute of power is difficult to control, resulting in significant differences in test results. In fact, when you ride more, you will find that the feedback of the equipment is very subtle, and you can even feel whether you are dragging it or it is walking against you.

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