Why is the padel racket perforated?

This is a study highlights the fact that the holes have a negligible influence on the behavior of your padel racket. According to the researcher, there is therefore no point in putting them on, and in the event that the manufacturer absolutely wishes to incorporate them, it would be more useful to distribute them on the external part of the racket, not in the center.

Indeed, a blade which would not have holes in its central part would be more stable, more resistant, and would have a higher “sweet spot”. Under these conditions why put them? First, the FIP regulations require at least one hole in the racquets of padel, it is therefore not possible to market completely full shovels.

Then, the lightness: a racket with holes will be lighter and therefore more convenient for most players.

The player padel maybe just used to the holes in the racket and more likely to choose a model that includes them. Holes are also an argument for manufacturers, who all offer different layouts. Until another study comes to corroborate or deny the conclusions of Francisco Huera-Huarte, we advise you to focus more on the materials, shape and weight of your racket, rather than the arrangement of the holes.

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