When to change padel racket

If your racket starts to cause you discomfort and you notice visible wear and tear, just stop using it and get a new one. Change it as soon as possible and avoid ending up with an injury. Over time your racket loses its properties and it is time for a change. 

If you notice a vibration in your arm it is a sign that your racket is damaged. Even if you do not feel anything big, it may be annoying, and it can develop into injuries in your joints, especially your elbow and your shoulders.

Visible cracks are also one sign of a racket that needs replacement. Cracks that go down to the core will impact rackets’ performance.

If the racket is constantly exposed to the sunlight and high temperatures, the color and design will start to face, and the materials will lose their properties. For those who live in warm areas with tons of sunlight, this is one of the main reasons for racket damage.

The material racket is made of has its influence on duration. Carbon fiber bats offer a lot of resistance. You should also keep in mind that the fiberglass rackets are less resistant and last that long. Core material also has a big influence on your racket’s duration and performance. Those with an EVA rubber core are usually more durable than ones made of FOAM. But remember, it all depends on how you use your racket and the style of your play.

You should also start to look for a replacement to your current racket when your game has evolved and you start noticing that the racket falls short. You may want to have more power or precision that gives you a little extra on the court. You will notice that when your level rises, you will need something different and it is time to change rackets. 

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