What are the differences between padel and tennis?

  • Padel is played on a much smaller field (10x20m). A normal tennis court with a run-off zone can fit about 2-3 padel courts.
  • Padel is always played in doubles. There are a few single padel courts, but they are only for practice. Padel tournaments are really only played in doubles.
  • Padel is much, much quicker to learn than tennis.
  • Padel rackets are significantly shorter than tennis rackets and have no sides, but are made entirely of plastics (glass fibre, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), carbon, polyurethane (PUR), carbon aluminium technology, etc.).
  • Padel is more about "brains", i.e. playfulness, and less about strength and athleticism.
  • Rallies are much longer in paddle sports than in tennis.
  • Serve from below (the padel ball must be hit below the hip)
  • Padel balls are slightly softer than tennis balls (lower air pressure)
  • Tennis has already existed since the 16th century,but: the tennis of that time was much more similar to today's padel. So tennis is actually descended from padel?
  • Padel is cooler! No wonder that many celebrities and sports professionals now play padel almost daily.


And there are many more differences between tennis and padel - just try it out for yourself!

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