Talking about carbon padel racket total weight

1. Light rackets

A light Padel racket (340 to 355 g) is suitable for all types of players, including women at the elite level.

A lightweight racket increases control over fast volleyball play because the lower weight allows the racket to move faster for players with less power.

The risk of injury is also reduced when playing with a lighter rack.

2. Medium weight rackets

Most Padel rackets for adult players weigh between 370 g and 375 g. This is also a weight range for elite players looking for a mix of power and control.


3. High weight rackets

Over 375 g gives a Padel racket more power, but is also less maneuverable and less control-oriented. A heavy racket will be more effective for the offensive game but needs excellent physical skills.

The heavier a racket, the more the risk of injury generally increases

4. Children

For children between 5 and 10 years, light rackets (280 to 340 g) are often suitable.

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