Rough or smooth padel racquet?

You don't know which one is better padel rough or smooth racquet? In fact, there is some confusion on this issue, with many players not fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses of these two tools.

The truth is that, in terms of plays on the pitch, a gap between the two tools can be easily noticed, just give a few strokes to notice it.

However, if you are looking for your next racquet and you don't know where to turn your head, then we better clarify the situation a bit before proceeding with the purchase.

What are the differences between a rough or smooth padel racquet? We will find the answer together in this article so don't miss a single syllable.

Trying to put it in the simplest terms possible, the smooth racquet is the one that does not have any type of processing on the face, which is completely smooth (holes apart).

The rough one, on the other hand, has a “something” that makes it wrinkled, which can be an emery with a sandpaper effect or a real relief texture.

It makes little difference whether one or the other, they are both to be considered rough so they must be grouped together in this macro category.

Now, what difference between the two rackets? Put simply, we could simply say that the rough ones facilitate tactical and precision play.

With a raised face, the ball can take more easily any type of effect that the player tries to impress thanks to the greater mechanical grip on the surface.

The smooth one may very well do the same thing, only with the rough one the result is easier and more marked, nothing more than that.

There are no real downsides or issues whatsoever in either, the only difference at fault could be that the rough one generally costs a little more.

Obviously there are exceptions but the fact of having one process that the other does not have can cause more or less substantial surcharges.

So it's pretty simple, if you love playing with damped or spinning balls, then better if you get a rough padel racquet, superior to the smooth one in this sense.

So smooth or rough padel racquet? The choice depends only on you, now you have all the information to decide in total autonomy.

In the end, however, the difference is not so marked as to create two very distinct worlds, so don't be there to lose sleep at night.

Whichever racket you choose, don't just do it for the face but consider it at 360 degrees as there are more important things!

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