Most Prominent Features of Padel Rackets

At this point, you’re already aware of the racket shape that is ideal for you, so let’s take a look at some distinguishing features of Padel rackets that also require some thought. These features are also equally responsible for determining how efficiently you improve your game. For this reason, it’s essential for you to pay extra attention to these characteristics while choosing your Padel Racket. 

Racket Balance

Balance of a Padel racket refers to how well the weight is distributed across your racket, from the grip to the racket head. The balance of the racket is responsible for determining how the racket feels while in play. 

Low Balance

With low balance rackets, most of the racket weight is distributed across the handle with a relatively lighter head. These rackets are significantly easier to handle, making them ideal for beginners. Numerous advanced players also prefer low-balance rackets because of the unparalleled control that they provide. 

High Balance

With these rackets, most of the weight lies in the racket head, resulting in added speed and greater power. Such rackets are suggested to use for professionals as players have to compromise in control and comfort while using high-balance rackets. 

Medium Balance

Medium Balance rackets provide a good balance between power and control, making them a great upgrade from a low balance racket before you decide to try out a high balance racket. 


The hardness of the Padel racket is another essential feature that must be brought into consideration while choosing the right Padel racket for you. Players are required to choose from either a hard or a soft racket, with various perks associated with both types of rackets. While racket hardness has little to no effect on the player’s control, it still impacts other key aspects, including speed, power, and more!   

Soft Padel Rackets: Beginners generally prefer soft Padel rackets as they provide additional speed while playing.  These rackets are ideal for players that have a defensive style of play. The soft racket surface absorbs shots from the opponent and utilizes its elasticity to generate greater speed. 

Hard Padel Rackets: Hard Padel rackets are known to generate greater power with the use of good recoil. However, an effective playing technique is mandatory to best benefit from a hard Padel racket. 


Whether you choose a light or heavy Padel racket solely depends on your playing preferences. Both types of rackets benefit players in numerous different ways. Players that prefer better control and effortless handling are likely to choose a light Padel racket. On the contrary, heavy Padel rackets benefit players with greater power and added speed while playing. The weight selection of your Padel racket should be made depending on various pre-conditions, including technique, body weight, athleticism, and more! 

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