How long does a Padel racket last?

If you are playing padel about twice a week, your racket should last about a year. If you play 4 to 5 matches a week, you should replace your racket with a new one every six months. There are some tips and tricks on how to extend the lifespan of your padel racket. One mistake a lot of people do, is that they store their padel racket in the trunk of their car. This causes temperature changes and even extreme temperatures that affect racket properties and may cause breakage. 

You should also dry your racket every time it gets wet. You may have had a great match outside, but it has rained a bit and your balls and rackets are wet. Dry them before storing them to make sure your equipment lasts longer. You should also store your rackets in a bag that has insulation, so they are not exposed to temperature changes. 

I know it is easy to throw your rackets and balls to the trunk of your van when you finish a game. You don’t have to look for the next time you go out to play. But remember, the better the maintenance, the longer your racket will hold up in good condition and you don’t need to invest in a new one.


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