Factors that determine the duration of a paddle tennis racket

  • Periodicity. Obviously, a racket will not last the same if you play once a month or if you have a match five or six times a week. As a general rule, rackets lasts a year when used twice a week. On the other hand, when the frequency of matches is 4 to 5 week, the change would have to be made every six months.
  • Material. The material with which a blade is made also influences its duration. Frames made of carbon fiber are the ones that offer the greatest resistance. Fiberglass frames are less resistant and last less. Material of the core also influences its duration and performance. EVA rubber core are more durable than FOAM cores. But remember, everything depends on the use and style of play.
  • Age. How old is the racket influences its performance. The older the racket, more wear it has and the less effectiveness it can offer. Over the years the materials lose their qualities. Climate has also influence on rackets durability. In general, a padel tennis racket begins to lose properties after one year of use.
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