Diamond Padel Racket: Pros VS Cons

The diamond shaped padel racket is certainly the most advanced on the market, suitable for experienced players who know how to better manage the touch of the ball.

In this article we will see together what are its advantages and disadvantages, going to examine it thoroughly.

We will then try to come to the conclusion whether or not this is the right racket for you and, if so, what are the best models out there.

The Advantages of a Padel Racket with the Diamond Shape

Unlike the padel teardrop racket or that roundabout, in the diamond one the weight is not central, but shifted towards the tip.

This involves a certain "imbalance" of the tool, which will be able to maximize the force placed in the blow.

The advantage therefore lies in the fact of having a great power output from the ball, much more than it would be possible to obtain from any other type of shovel.

Also the sweet spot is usually not in the middle, but moved to a more advanced and therefore aggressive position.

If your arm lacks strength, you will be able to compensate for this weakness without any problems with this tool.

It should also be mentioned that, a padel diamond racquet, it is generally of higher invoice than the others.

This is not because the round or teardrop ones are of poor quality, at all.

Being though gear designed for experienced or even professional players, the construction level will also go hand in hand with the other features.

Buying one of these racquets you have, except in rare cases, a professional or in any case above average means.


The Defects of a Diamond Padel Racket

The flaws of a diamond padel racquet, at first glance, may seem much more than its merits.

Thinking this, however, would be a serious mistake, although it must be admitted that there are more compromises to be made compared to the drop model.

However, it must be said that, although the list of weaknesses may seem long, they are not really relevant to the type of player this tool is intended for.

Those who chew the padel at an advanced or professional level will have no problem making up for the gaps and taking great advantage of the strengths of this type of shovel.


Specifically, let's start by saying that thehe handling of a padel diamond racquet is certainly not the best.

The weight shifted to the tip will make it slower and clumsy in the hand, but it is something that can be overcome with a few hours of use.

Secondly, this shovel it is certainly not made to "forgive" the exuberance of less experienced and more passionate players.

Its displaced sweet spot and the great strength impressed, will end the balls of novices directly against the back glass rather than in the field.

The last factor to consider is the price, which follows the general quality hand in hand.

Find one cheap racket a diamond is no easy feat and, for those just starting out with this sport, spending a considerable amount on something difficult to manage makes little sense.

A diamond padel racquet is certainly one of the best tools available on the market, but certainly not suitable for everyone.

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