About the carbon padel racket balance point

By "balance point" it means the point where the Padel racket is balanced in equilibrium. This point is measured from the balance point to the bottom of the grip, and are often specified in millimeters. Round rackets normally have a lower balance point and diamond-shaped rackets normally have a higher balance point.



1. Low Balance

The round Padel rackets generally has a low balance and is often easy to maneuver and comfortable to play with. It suits players who are looking for security and control in their game. The disadvantage of rackets that has a low balance point is that they do not generate the same power in the offensive game.

They are also more gentle to play with, which can help avoid injuries.

Under 265 mm, the racket is called "Main light": the weight is mainly placed close to the grip, which helps for quick reactions and control.









1. Medium Balance

If you are an all-round player who is looking for a good balance between speed and control, a racket with average balance can be a good alternative.

Between 266-274 mm , the racket is called "Medium Balance": the racket has a neutral balance and offers a good versatility. 


1. High Balance

Diamond-shaped rackets generally provide a higher balance point, which means that you get more speed in volleys and smashes, but at the expense of reduced control and comfort. They generally require better technique and ball hits than the low balance racket.

If you are prone to injuries, you should be careful when choosing a Padel racket with a high balance.

Over 275 mm , the racket is called "Top heavy": It provides more power but is more difficult to maneuver

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