10 Key Factors to choose your padel racket

  1. Frequency of play: No need to invest in an expensive racket if you play the occasional social game.
  2. Price: When all other factors are equal, price is often the decider.
  3. Weight: Heavier rackets allow you to wield more power when you hit the ball.
  4. Shape: Rackets come in three shapes, round-head, teardrop-head, and diamond-head. Each handles in a unique way.
  5. Balance: Padel rackets are either low balance or high balance.
  6. Thickness: Padel tacket thickness is largely standardized because factory molds are equally thick.
  7. Core: EVA rubber is cheaper and more durable while foam gives a better feel of the ball.
  8. Test: If possible test out the racket you want before making a purchase.
  9. Reviews: If you are not able to test rackets then be sure to read the reviews of players who are using the racket you want.
  10. Warranty: Many higher-end rackets come with a factory warranty against defects. Something not possible with a second-hand racket.
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